When it comes to commercial roofs, metal makes the most sense. Metal roofing systems are typically made of Zinc, copper, and steel alloys- chosen for their longevity and high level of resistance against the elements. Need some more reasons to choose metal roofing for your commercial building? Here is what you need to know:

Metal Roofs Save Money Over Time

Sure, you pay more upfront to install a quality metal roofing system at your business or commercial property, but it will cost less over time to maintain and keep. The return from an investment in a metal roof system is impressive.

Metal Roofs Have a Longer Life

The reason why most business owners opt for metal roofing is the longevity- metal roofs have a longer life than other types of roofs. This is particularly important for a business as the unexpected cost to replace a shoddy roof could potentially break a new or struggling company. Metal lasts and lasts.

Commercial Roofs Require Durability

You need a durable roof on your business- what is more durable than metal? Extending beyond the mere durability is the minimal maintenance that metal roofing systems require. If you want worry-free roofing for your commercial building, metal is the way to go.

Energy Efficient Roofing Saves Money

It is estimated that nearly 35% of a business’ utility costs are related to heating, cooling, and circulation- a metal roof conserves energy, thus reducing utility expenses each month. When your building is more sustainable, it is more eco-friendly, too, but more on that next!

It is the Eco-Friendly Thing to Do

Metal commercial roof systems offer business owners many different environmental advantages. For example, metal roofing materials are recyclable- so they will not end up in a landfill.

Choose your Commercial Metal Roofing Contractor Carefully

Choosing the wrong Commercial metal roof contractor has some serious ramifications. While you may get your roof installed eventually, you may find the process wrought with hassle, headaches, and communication issues. Take care to find a commercial roofing contractor with experience and expertise. Your contractor should also demonstrate these characteristics before you hire:

  • Roofing contractors should have proof of being licensed, bonded, and insured before you allow them access to your roof.
  • The contractor you choose should have experience installing commercial metal roofing and be able to show you pictures of similar projects.
  • The roofer you hire should have experience managing staged roofing jobs, with parallel tear-off and installation, ideally.
  • Hire a roofing contractor that has experience dealing with insurance companies regarding damage claims.

The right roofing system and a competent roofing contractor and you should have a quality roof that protects your business and that lasts for many years to come.

Metal just makes sense for a commercial property. Choose your roofing contractor carefully and make sure to consult with other customers and online feedback to find one that is well regarded and reputable. Consider the many benefits of metal roofing systems for your building, business, or perhaps your home!